More Pics

Just a few more pics from the pumpkin patch...

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At the Patch

This year we tried a different place for our pumpkin fun. We went to Ranalli Farms in Tontitown. It was just perfect for us! First of all, it was FREE. Most pumpkin patches are pretty expensive these days, so free was a huge plus. This place is really simple and cute. There are not actual pumpkins on the vine, but they have lots of pumpkin vingettes and fun photo ops. The girls loved it and we were the only ones there when we went!

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My Halloween Cuties

We had loads of Halloween fun this year! We had Halloween playdates, carnivals, and trick or treating. Kinley was Wonder Woman this year and, in my humble opinion, she was the cutest super hero around! Ava was a fairy princess. She has a favorite costume from her dress up box and that is the ONLY thing she wanted to be. She LOVES that costume, although it is starting to get too small. She was also very particular on which crown she wore and how she wore her hair. Ava is already asking me when it is going to be Halloween again! Do you think it has anything to do with the bucket loads of candy?

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A Few Beach Pics

At the end of August we took a trip to the beach. Gulf Shores to be exact. This was the first time for either of our girls to see the ocean and their first car trip longer than 2 hours. Going to the beach and seeing the ocean was a great experience for them, but they really preferred the pool at our condo. Thankfully there was a sandy "beach" area at the pool. Best of both worlds!

This picture was at dinner one night. I just can't believe how grown up Kinley looks!

Ava and Papa in the pool

My buried beauty.

Chewing on a nice mouthful of sand. Yum!


Tiny Dancer

Have I used that title on a blog post before? Probably so, but it is almost 2:00 am and I am not going to scroll through and check. I THINK I have gotten my blog issues solved. We shall see when I click "publish post" in 3.2 minutes.

Kinley is practicing her ballet moves on the Bella Dancerella bar. And she is pretty good!

Taking a little break. Dancing wears a girl out!

Drumming a beat on the coffee table (which you cannot see because of the pillow).

Ta-Da! The big finale!
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Not forgotten...

Just a note to say that I have NOT forgotten about my blog! I have been having difficulty getting pictures to show up, so once I get that figured out I will be back :)


My Semi-Extreme Couponing

So lately I have been into bargain hunting. My interest startedy reading some couponing/money-saving blogs, long before I had seen TLC's extreme couponing show. I must say, I am addicted. It is such a rush to find a great deal! I have heard people who do not "coupon" say things like, "There are no coupons for things I use" or "Why would I buy things I don't need right now?" Well I can assure you that there are coupons for things you use. Some people are brand loyal, but only because that is what they have always used, not necessarily because it is better. For example, we had always used Cascade dishwasher detergent. Finish powerball detergent (pictured above) went on sale and stacked with my coupons to make it almost free! You can bet that I tried it out! Now I love it. As for buying things you don't need right NOW...if you can get things you use for free or really cheap, you will see your future grocery bill decrease by stocking up. I am not suggesting that people should hoard 77 bottles of mustard. Just enough of something to get you to the next sale cycle. Enough of my rambling. So in case you are curious how much I spent on the above items...around $6. It is not as good as TLC's extreme couponers who can get 10 times the amount for $6, but it makes me happy anyway!
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My Superhero

Kinley is SOOO difficult to take pictures of! Ava was always fairly cooperative, even when she was really young. But this girl, on the other hand, does NOT want her picture taken. I have no idea why. She was dressed up so cute in the Wonder Woman costume the other day. In the above picture, she was crying and saying, "No, no peecher (picture)."

She ran away from me to behind the train table. She is wagging her finger at me!

Screaming on the floor because I am still trying to get a decent picture.

I guess my little superhero just prefers to remain annonymous!